1. Spot the Royalty Among Family and Friends and Select a Title

Decide whether you want the royal treatment or if you're generously gifting someone else the crown of "Prince or Princess of France".

2. Select the Title♕

Prince of France♕
Princess of France♕
Baby Prince of France♕
Baby Princess of France♕
Prince/Princess of France♕
Princess/Princess of France♕
Prince/Prince of France♕

3.Choose a Photo That Shines with Royalty

Pick a photo that perfectly represents the aura of royalty, allowing that individual to wear the crown with the utmost distinction. This chosen image will be featured on all official documents.

4. Decide on Plot Size

Select the plot size from 1, 10, 100, or 1000 ft² to be proud of.

5. Time to Reign: How Long Will the Royal Vibes Last?

Choose a contract duration from 1 to 99 years. Basically, you can decide when your royal relative turns back into a commoner.
If you select a larger plot or a longer contract
duration, you can enjoy free nights in our partner hotels in France
(valid for 18 months. details HERE).

6. Craft a Royal Message

Compose a message befitting royalty to express your appreciation and respect for your loved one before they ascend to the throne.