Pay what you want?

PWYW "Pay what you want"
What is that?
1. Choose the price you want to pay.
2. More Solidarity.
3. Awareness of the value of products.

Product Value
"Pay What You Want" is a concept from the United States, it is a strong response and a reflection of our time in a period where customers must have confidence in their purchases.
More than a simple method of payment, “Pay What You Want” conveys values of solidarity and trust that are welcome in a complicated economic context.

What is “Pay What You Want”?
"Pay What You Want" is a way of selling that lets the customer choose the price they want to pay for a product.

Choice of price in conscience: between trust and French social justice.
The choice of price responds primarily to 2 specific objectives:
• Establish fairness between consumers through price,
• Rebuilding trust in you and us through accountability.
A fair price, for everyone.
The “Pay What You Want” concept finds its source in solidarity.
Its initial objective? Allow everyone, regardless of their resources, to access a product in the best conditions.
The philosophy of pricing is that a balance must be found between people who are unable to pay for a product at its fair value and those who can, on the contrary, pay more.

Trust at the heart of your purchases.
If the choice of the price choice can legitimately appear risky for us, its foundations based on trust make it a completely serious option that Linkyworld has chosen.
The choice of price is powerful in that it puts the customer at the center of the transaction since it will be up to him alone to determine the acceptable price.
Leaving the choice of price to our customers naturally leads them to question the value of our products, what they represent for them, but also the satisfaction that will result from their purchase.

Therefore, we know that our customers will consider several criteria to make their choice:
• Its financial resources.
• The usefulness of the product.
• Knowing what the product costs.

By practicing price selection, Linkyworld chooses to trust its customers to set a price that is reasonable for both parties.

The good reasons to set up the “Pay What You Want”
1. It reassures our customers about the quality of the products. Indeed, would we implement the choice of price if we did not have 100% confidence in what we are selling?
2. It provides essential information about the perceived value of our products and what customers are willing to pay to buy them.
3. It allows us to retain our customers who have the feeling of paying for a product at the right price and who will not experience disappointment.