About Linkyworld

Linkyworld has been created to offer everyone the opportunity to experience royalty by becoming a Princess or Prince of France
and turn the dream of nobility into a reality.

By acquiring a piece of land in the Loveland, we are granting you the title of Prince or Princess of France.

 Beyond this entertaining initiative of becoming royalty lies a profound mission: the creation of Loveland.

 What is Loveland?

 Loveland will be a forest comprised of 195 trees, each representing a country in the world. To bring this vision to life, we aim
for 10000 individuals minimum to acquire a plot of this land. With each acquisition, we take a significant stride towards realizing this mission.
Every tree in Loveland will be adorned with a flag, symbolizing and proudly displaying the identity of each country.

 Additionally, a magnificent sculpture, designed by French sculptor, will be placed in the forest.

Loveland stands as a potent symbol of humanity, love, unity, and peace. As a unique aspect, this forest will transform into a public area,
inviting everyone to visit, meditate, play, run and contemplate the profound possibilities that could unfold if the world
were unified, just like the trees in this extraordinary forest.

Will I genuinely attain nobility?

By acquiring a piece of land through Linkyworld, you are also obtaining a cherished souvenir that comes with an exclusive nobility title.

However, we would like to specify that the titles of Prince and Princess associated with this acquisition are registered trademarks
and are designed exclusively for recreational purposes. Kindly note that the acquisition of noble titles is not permissible under
French regulations. Linkyworld will continue to maintain its status as the registered landowner, taking care of the land's management
on your behalf, ensuring its preservation and continuity.

 For those seeking more detailed information and clarification on the terms and conditions, we kindly direct you to our FAQ.