The best gift
Become Prince or Princess of France

A wonderful gift
For yourself, your wife or husband, childrens, for a birth or loved one in your family or for friends...
To celebrate the love of your couple, a wedding, a wedding anniversary or a happy event.
✔️ 1 to 1000 pi² (sqft) of the first international LoveLand in the world in the heart of the castles of the Loire Valley (Heritage UNESCO) at Cheverny in France.
✔️ Certificate and contract of provision of your LoveLand in your name up to 99 years.

✔️ Honorary certificate for on title ♕
    Prince of France ®
    Princess of France ®
    Baby Prince of France ®
    Baby Princess of France ®
✔️ Honorary certificate for 2 titles ♕♕
    Prince and Princess of France ®
  Princess and Princess of France ®
    Prince and Prince of France ®

✔️ You may style yourself as your honorary title and transmit to your heirs.
✔️ Receive up to 9 hotel nights free from our partner hotels in France to be used within 18 months according to the general conditions of sale.
✔️ A certificate in your name for 1 tree planted in France to preserve biodiversity.
✔️ Free digital books (The castles of the Loire Valley + The 70 most beautiful frenchsongs) + Free digital gift for children (Buildable castle and crown)
✔️Paper and business card model to your title
✔️ Photos of LoveLand (La Porte Dorée) and reproductions of old postcards of Cheverny at the beginning of the 20th century created by David D (Paris)
✔️ QRcode security Linkyworld against the falsification of your contracts and certificates.
✔️ Official contracts sent by email and immediately downloadable
✔️ (Optional) You can receive a large glossy FSC Label poster (59.4 x 84.1cm > 23.23 x 33.07 inches)
of your certificate totally personalized with your title, your name, the GPS position of your LoveLand...
(+ 99 euros)
® trademark Linkyworld