Have you ever dreamt of becoming a Prince or Princess?

Turn that dream into reality with just a few clicks.

Choose your Loveland in the heart of the stunning Loire Valley castles of France starting from €39,
and be crowned Prince or Princess of France*.

What will you get in your Royal Pack?

✔ A personalized certificate for the selected title, along with a contract duration ranging from 1 to 99 years, which can be passed down to future generations.
✔ The personnal GPS coordinates of your plot
✔ Complimentary stays for 3, 6, or 9 nights at our partner hotels in France.
✔ 1 tree planted certificate in France.
✔ Access to complimentary digital books about the Castles of the Loire Valley, 50 photos of Eiffel Tower and the Loveland.
✔ A compilation of the 70 most beautiful French songs and lyrics.
For children, complimentary digital surprises , ready to be printed (11 Prince and Princess of France Crowns, bracelets and a Castle to built and color)

Bonjour! Do you love France as much as we do?

Kim and Makara from Cambodia haveve fallen in love with France and have happily become "Prince and Princess of France".
Their royal journey began with the acquisition of 10 square feet of Loveland, nestled in the heart of the enchanting Loire Valley with its 120 majestic castles.

Where is located the Loveland in France?

Loveland is situated in Cheverny (voie de la Porte dorée), a region renowned
for its rich historical heritage, immersed in French history, and surrounded by the 120 enchanting castles of the Loire Valley, recognized as
a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Loveland is the first land in the world to be shared between all the peoples of the world.
A strong symbol of humanity, love, brotherhood and peace.

Choose the coronation

♕ Prince of France
♕ Princess of France
♕ Baby Prince of France
♕ Baby Princess of France
♕ Couple Prince/Princess of France
♕ Couple Princess/Princess of France
♕ Couple Prince/Prince of France

Seamless hero videos

Helen Ford Princesse de France

Liam Bellert Princesse de France , Paul Bellert Prince de France (USA)

Nathalie Massone Princesse de France (Belgique)

Sarah Abelo Baby Princess of France (Canada)

David Francker Prince of France(France)

Shirley Smith Princess of France, Paul Smith Prince of France(Wales)

Sam Printon Prince of France(Irland)

Jimy Johsen Prince of France(Norway)

You can receive your big poster certificate.