Frequently Asked Questions.

Where is your LOVELAND in France?

In Cheverny, a land rich in French history, in the heart of the 120 beautiful castles in the Loire Valley (UNESCO World heritage)

Your piece of France belongs to the history of France, to its heritage and to all its values and what makes France shine in the world.

LinkyWorld is the first land in the world to be shared between all the peoples of the world.

A strong symbol of humanity, love, brotherhood and peace.

What rights di I have?

By purchasing your Loveland de France you obtain a personal right to make your plot available for the duration of your contract from 1 to 99 years

You can visit your land, call it yours and do whatever you want with the land within the limits of the contract and French law.

> Your LOVELAND is a preserved area of the heritage of historical monuments of France (AC1 DRAC center Val de Loire 41) and must not be

used for camping or picnicking, for hunting and shooting and must be kept clean after your visit.

You cannot sell it but you can pass it on to your heirs within the limit of the duration of the contract.*

Thus, your LOVELAND can be transmitted from generation to generation.

French land registration law does not allow official registration of plots of land if the deed has not been done before a notary, so technically Linkyworld

must remain the registered owner of the land. Linkyworld will manage (at no cost to you) the land as a preserved area of the heritage of historical

monuments of France.

Linkyworld guarantees that the land can only be used for heritage conservation purposes and that no construction can be erected there.

What wil you receive?

You will receive in 5 minutes by email

Your personalized certificate and contract with your name + photo (optional)

+ Number and GPS position of your LOVELAND at Cheverny in France

+ Your 3, 6, 9 nights free among our partner hotels in France according to your order

+ Certificate 1 tree planted for you to preserve biodiversity in France

+ Free digital books (The castles of the Loire Valley + The 70 most beautiful songs)

+ Free digital gift for children

From what age can I buy a LOVELAND?

Anyone can place an order if they can pay with a credit card in their name or with their paypal account.

The Loveland is unique in the world as well as the titles of Princess and Prince of France.

It's the most beautiful gift in the world to offer to a person you love like your mom, dad, children, grandparents, friends for a birthday or a party.

For a wedding or a gift for your partner, couple titles "Prince/Princess, Princess/Princess or Prince/Prince" are extraordinarily romantic gifts from


For a birth "Baby Princess of France or Baby Prince of France" are unforgettable gifts that your children will be very proud of.

Can I visit my LOVELAND?

YES, if you choose to visit France, Paris, its Eiffel Tower and its majestic and extraordinary monuments,

you can come and visit the fantastic Chateaux of the Loire Valley (See the 120 castles of the Loire Valley) and particularly:

    The Chateaux de Cheverny

chateau de cheverny 

    The Chateau de Troussay

 chateau de troussay cheverny

    The Chateau du breuil (hotel **** and restaurant)

Chateau du breuil cheverny

    Cheverny city

These 3 castles are located in Cheverny and are neighbors of your piece of Loveland in France located:

Voie de La Porte dorée

49500 Cheverny

How to view my plot on the LOVELAND?

On each certificate and contract, we send you the location of the LOVELAND and the exact location of your plot using the GPS system which is very

precise to the millimeter.

To view your plot on a map, simply log in to your Linkyworld security account, which you will automatically receive by email with your documents.

To view your plot, you can also use Google Maps by entering the GPS position of your plot indicated on your documents

gps position.

Example of GPS position, you can enter on Google maps

47°29'09.8"N 1°25'23.7"E

or 47.486058, 1.423259


What should I do if I cannot find my certificate and my contract?

To find your parcel follow the following procedure:

Find the number of your order on your personal Linkyword account

Connect to linkyworld security and fill in your order number and your email address


Can I leave something on my land

NO, The LOVELAND is a historical heritage area and must remain natural and clean without any construction and any disorder under penalty of a fine by

the police. you must therefore respect this place in the history of France which is now a little yours.

We therefore respectfully request that no objects be left on the LOVELAND.

If you would like to take a picture with family or friends with a flag, you can do so, but please remove it and take it with you.

Where do you plant my tree for France?

The LOVELAND being a protected area, we plan to plant 190 adult trees as soon as at least 10 Prince or Princess of France

from all the countries of the world (190 countries) have participated in LINKYWORLD by buying a plot.

These 190 adult trees will form the first multinational forest in the world.

Each tree will represent a country with its flag.

However, when you choose a plot, we plant a suitable tree for you in areas where the vegetation is damaged or destroyed in France.

This commitment is ecological and you participate in it.

Our partner for this ecological action is:

The trees planted are most often sessile oak, pubescent oak, pedunculate oak, service tree, cherry tree, wild service tree, common hornbeam.

For every tree planted

Climate > 0.15 tonnes of CO2 stored
Biodiversity > 3 animal shelters created
Health > 4 months of oxygen generated

What are the sizes of the plots?

4 sizes are available

1 sqft = 1 foot x 1 foot (30.48cm x 30.48cm)

10sqft = 3.16ft x 3.16ft (94.8cm x 94.8cm)

100sqft = 10ft x 10ft (3m x 3m)

1000 sqft = 31.6ft x 31.6ft (9.63m x 9.63m)

Can I change the name of my certificate or plot area?

NO, each contract is unique and nominative and changes to the name, the surface area of the plots and the duration of the contract are impossible.

Are there any additional fees, taxes and future payments to be make?

NO. There are no property taxes to pay and no other costs associated with this land.

You will have no more expenses to pay after the initial purchase price.



Are there any additional fees, taxes and future payments to be make?

NO. There are no property taxes to pay and no other costs or insurrance associated with this land.

You will have no more expenses to pay after the initial purchase price.

How can you sell a title?

We cannot sell you a title. We simply recognize your right to use the title of Prince or Princess of France, which are trademarks registered by Linkyworld.

All persons using the titles of Prince or Princess of France who have not purchased a parcel will be prosecuted by Linkyworld under trademark ownership.

Contact and payment

All payments are made securely and processed through Shopifypayment or Paypal, both of which are authorised and regulated

as electronic money institutions.

Full contact details can be found on our contact page.