In 1 minute,
you choose your LoveLand in the heart of the
marvellous castles of the Loire Valley in France
from €39

You will become

They love France... and you?

Kim and Makara from Slovenia fell in LOVE with France and became Prince and Princess of France after acquiring 10 pi² (sqft) of LoveLandin the heart of the 120 castles of the Loire Valley, France.

Where is the LOVELAND in France?

Loveland is located at Cheverny.

A land rich in French history, in the heart of the most beautiful castles in the Loire Valley.
Your piece of France belongs to the history of France,
to its heritage and to all its values and what makes France shine in the world.

Loveland is the first land in the world to be shared between all the peoples of the world.
A strong symbol of humanity, love, brotherhood and peace.

LoveLand is located in a place preserved from the heritage of french historical monuments since 2003
(AC1 DRAC center Loire Valley 41)

Choose your french title

♕ Prince of France
♕ Princess of France
♕ Baby Prince of France
♕ Baby Princess of France
♕ Couple Prince/Princess of France
♕ Couple Princess/Princess of France
♕ Couple Prince/Prince of France

What will you receive ?

✔ A personalized certificate and contract, with your name + photo (optional) + QRcode of security
✔ The GPS position of your plot
✔ Complimentary stays of 3, 6, or 9 nights at our partner hotels in France**
✔ 1 tree planted certificate for you to preserve biodiversity in France
✔ Access to free digital books about The Castles of the Loire Valley
✔ 70 most beautiful French songs
✔ Free digital surprise to print for children

Honorary Certificate and contract
up to 99 years

Prince or Princess of France
Baby - Prince or Princess of France
Couple - Prince/Princess of France
Couple - Princess/Princess of France
Couple - Prince/Prince of France

Certificate 1 tree planted for you to preserve biodiversity in France with our partner REFORESTACTION

For Your trip in France
Up to 9 nights free among
our partner hotels in France.

Free digital books
The Castles of the Loire Valley
(250 pages)
The 70 most beautiful lyrics French songs (70 pages)
Digital downloadable gifts for children (Buildable castle and crown)

Don't take our word for it


Our children offered us our LOVE LAND certificate. I am Prince Of France and my wife Princess Of France. We are delighted and will visit the Cheverny region soon in September.

Paul Grouiller, belgium

Paris, France


Absolutely amazing - a great gift and goes for a wonderful cause.The LoveLand of France is a wonderful idea when Europe is going through difficult times.

Sam Firtor

Mons, Belgium


Linkyworld is really a great idea for a gift, we received our contract and our certificate instantly. I recommend to the world to become Prince of France so that we all meet on this LandLove. It's a very beautiful idea and unique in the world. Congratulations to France.

Sam Smith

New York, USA


Flawless as always with LinkyWorld. 2 minutes to receive everything by email. Thanks the France.
The country of love, of romanticism, of peace with this unique land in Europe and in the world. My next order will be for my future granddaughter who will be born in July. She will be like me Princess of France and of peace.

Yann Himman

Hamburgh, Germany


I was pleasantly surprised to find the documents that I bought for my grandparents arrived in a few minutes on my mailbox on the day of their 50th wedding anniversary. They did not believe in becoming Prince and Prince of France and supporting this land of Peace. Thanks to LinkyWorld from Austria.

Hanz Peters

Vienna, Austria

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You can receive your big poster certificate.